Supported Apartment Service and Independent Living Support (ILS)

The Supported Apartment Service provides services to clients who reside independently in their own apartments, flats or houses. The client may reside independently in their own apartment with consistent staff support.

Each client has an assigned counsellor whose ongoing role is to work with the client to assess and identify the individual needs of the client. The counsellor also assists the client in accessing the appropriate resources necessary to meet the client's needs. To ensure that the client is benefiting from their involvement with various services the counsellor will monitor the efficacy of such services for each individual client. The counsellor's regular communication with the providers of these various services will help to ensure a coordinated and effective delivery of services.

Counsellors provide additional assistance to clients when needed, in developing and carrying out practical daily living skills.


The objectives may include working with clients to:

  1. elect and secure an apartment which will adequately meet the client's need of a comfortable home environment.
  2. Develop a positive rapport with the client and provide ongoing supportive counseling regarding issues which effect the clients day to day lives.
  3. Make choices about their lives, and to access resources that will promote the fullest possible control over their lives.
  4. Develop and maintain direction in their lives, by working with clients to set short and long term goals ( i.e. education, vocation, interpersonal, mental and physical health, leisure, independent living.)
  5. Develop and maintain skills and supports that will enable the client to sustain their independence and achieve additional goals.
  6. Develop and maintain a lifestyle and quality of life that is conducive to their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Service Delivery

The primary consideration for admission to this service is that the individual has experienced mental health difficulties, and is willing to work with the support services provided to enable the individual to achieve an appropriate level of independence.

Services are provided to clients of the Supported Apartment Service in the environment that best suits the needs of the individual client. Counsellors and Supervisors work with and meet clients in their homes, in the community and in our office settings. Service plans are individually designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of the client. For clients that experience difficulties after regular service hours, a staffed emergency response service is available.

In order to assist in the realization of the client's goals, MCHA utilizes existing resources within the community. Residents are assisted in developing an awareness of, and the effective use of these resources to establish a support system for themselves.

Clients of the service are also able to benefit from involvement with MCHA's Activities Program. Clients are assisted to explore various recreation and leisure pursuits and are encouraged to be involved in planning and participating in social activities and large group events. Celebrating individual client's accomplishments is an important part of the support service.

The Supported Apartment Service staff team are competent and dedicated professionals who work in accordance with a comprehensive code of ethics adopted by MCHA.

In keeping with the importance of individual respect and rights, the residents and client's of MCHA have formed a Resident's Council which meets regularly to discuss issues and concern.


Metro Community Housing Association is a non-profit, community based agency providing support and residential services to persons who have experienced mental health difficulties.

Our Mission "To provide a range of community based services to individuals who have experienced mental health difficulties."

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