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MCHA is a community based registered charity. At MCHA, we believe that quality of life includes basic security, freedom of choice, and respect. This implies mutual rights that respect individual differences, social supports, opportunities and personal privacy. We believe everyone has potential to offer positive community collaboration. MCHA:

  • provides supportive homes for those with mental wellness challenges

  • enables participants to enhance their capacity for self-determination

  • supports participants to achieve their personal goals

  • advocates and collaborates with other community resources.

Our values

Commitment - We are dedicated to respecting self-determination, personal growth and quality of life.

Care - We meet individual needs with transparency, accountability and honesty, while maintaining the trust of our participants and team.

Community - We embrace diversity, equity and belonging and we aim to create homes that are safe and supportive. 

Connections - It is through our trusted partnerships that we achieve our vision. 

Our philosophy

MCHA is a community where people choose to live, work and are valued. 

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